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  • Tomorrow’s Bones

    Tomorrow’s Bones

    As Cire’s boots hit the dock, she felt everything that Kaparin meant weighing her down. If she didn’t know the crew was behind her, watching her every step, she might have turned around, gotten back on her ship. But she was their Captain, and would not let them see her falter. So she put one heavy, off-kilter step in front of the other until she was standing fully in the city she thought she’d escaped. Permalink: Tomorrow’s Bones
  • We are All Mad Here

    We are All Mad Here

    A book of madness, fairy tales, and mythic magic, filled with advice, creatures, adventures, and a whole new, ready-to-play setting.  Permalink: We are All Mad Here
  • Predation


    “Who decided it would be a good idea to equip a triceratops with a flame thrower? It’s like being chased by a twelve-ton active volcano with anger issues!” Permalink: Predation
  • The Night Clave

    The Night Clave

    The first of the crourhounds pushes from the shadow of the kubric like it’s being freshborn. The front all teeth and claws and spider eyes, wet fur oil slicked. The middle all black metal and smoke. The tail end disappearing into nothingness. It’s that empty place where the hindquarters should be that makes her feel most queasy. How can such a beast exist? Live? Hunt and murder? Permalink: The Night Clave
  • Leather Bound

    Leather Bound

    Slowly, slowly, he closed the scissors all the way, a sound I could hear in my head, the small snick of steel meeting steel. With a delay that seemed to take forever, the button fell away, rolling and tumbling down the fabric and against her stockinged thigh to finally land on the floor. Permalink: Leather Bound
  • The Poison Eater

    The Poison Eater

    Poison never lies. But Talia does. Every time she takes the poison, she lies. False words are the only weapons she has left, and she wields them with precision, but not with pride. She would lie this time too. She had to. Permalink: The Poison Eater
  • No Thank You, Evil!

    No Thank You, Evil!

    Olivia is a Super Smart Princess who Experiments with Science. Rowan is a Cool Robot who Plays with Ooey Gooey Things. Their best friend tells them that a dragon has stolen all his chocolate coins. They’re the only ones who can enter Storia and save the chocolate—how will they do it? It’s all up to them! No Thank You, Evil! Permalink: No Thank You, Evil!
  • As Kinky As You Wanna Be

    As Kinky As You Wanna Be

    BDSM. Kinky. Vanilla. Dominant. Submissive. Top. Bottom. Pain slut… These are words that get thrown around a lot, especially today, thanks to the increasing popularity of novels and films that explore the theme in myriad ways. But what do those words mean? And more importantly: what do they mean to you? Permalink: As Kinky As You Wanna Be
  • Monte Cook Games

    Monte Cook Games

    Monte Cook Games is all about revitalizing fan passion for RPGs through high-quality, innovative games that combine sweeping visions with premium art, storytelling, and design. Permalink: Monte Cook Games
  • The Strange

    The Strange

    Spore worms, venom troopers, fungal mimics, angiophages, free-roaming constructs from the Qined Singularity, glial storms, lurking Strangers, and other significant threats trouble anyone who leaves behind the relative safety of Harmonious, the Glistening City that lies at the core. The Strange Corebook Permalink: The Strange