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Slave to Love

Erotic Short Stories

Short stories of erotica and romance.
Published by Cleis, Harlequin, Xcite Press, Penthouse, and more.
A partial list available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

What Readers Say: 

“While several stories in this anthology touch on the emotional healing pets can bring, What We Leave Behind, by Shanna Germain is absolutely stunning. Not only does she show the healing power of pets, but also sex. It is beautiful and sad and hopeful – a difficult combination to deliver, but Ms. Germain deftly crafted a winner.”

“The most exquisite and disturbing tale in the collection is Shanna Germain’s Skin Deep, a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. In this version, Belle is as gorgeous as required but is also a cruel sadist who delights in torturing the gentle, refined Beast.”

“My favorite tale from the anthology was The Sun is an Ordinary Star, where two lovers redefine their dominant and submissive roles in terms of the wife’s illness. Shanna Germain perfectly captures the theme of the dominant man’s desire to please his partner through her desire for roughness.”