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I’m trying to get an agent for the first time!

I’ve had a couple of fellow writers remind me lately that the average writer sends out 100 queries on their first book before they find an agent. I don’t know if this is apocryphal or not, but the idea of sending out 100 queries is helping me keep everything in perspective and is giving me a goal to strive for that’s in my control. I can’t control whether or not I get an agent, but I can make a plan of submitting 100 of the very best queries that I can to agents that I’d like to work with.

I also suspect that it’s useful for other writers to watch this process, to not take it too personally when they get rejected and to know that a rejection absolutely isn’t an indication of the quality of their work. There are so many reasons queries get rejected, including the market, the agent’s preferences, timing, and so many other things. All we can do is what we know how to do–write our best things, be gracious and kind to others (agents have such an incredibly hard job!), and keep going.

This is the Rejection Advent calendar that my writers’ group made for me–I get to open a box every time I get a rejection! (Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see what amazing gifts have been in each box! You can also join me on Instagram to see the most recent goodies without checking back here).


  1. 07/25/22
  2. 07/25/22
  3. 07/25/22
  4. 07/25/22
  5. 07/25/22
  6. 07/26/22
  7. 07/26/22
  8. 07/28/22
  9. 07/28/22
  10. 07/31/22
  11. 08/02/22
  12. 08/02/22
  13. 08/04/22
  14. 08/06/22
  15. 08/08/22
  16. 08/08/22
  17. 08/12/22
  18. 08/15/22
  19. 08/18/22


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Rejection (query)

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