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  • The Lure of Dangerous Women

    The Lure of Dangerous Women

    While the slinger sang, we waited. They don’t talk about that in the stories they tell – and someone, somewhere was going to be telling this story, although they wouldn’t tell it true. The fighting, the shooting, the magic-slinging – those are the easy parts. It’s the waiting that kills. ~"One-Woman Town" Permalink: The Lure of Dangerous Women
  • Bound by Lust

    Bound by Lust

    My fingers sang from holding me up, my pussy thumped with a fresh need for release, and when my husband pinched me once more I tossed my head back and cried out under the steady hiss of rain—coming hard. Surrendering.~"Reclaiming Spring" Permalink: Bound by Lust
  • Beneath Sea and Sky

    Beneath Sea and Sky

    Because if he believes, then maybe there really is something out there. Something wonderful and still undiscovered, tucked into that unknowable, unnamable place that lies between sea and sky.~"Beneath Sea and Sky" Permalink: Beneath Sea and Sky