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  • Leather Bound

    Leather Bound

    Slowly, slowly, he closed the scissors all the way, a sound I could hear in my head, the small snick of steel meeting steel. With a delay that seemed to take forever, the button fell away, rolling and tumbling down the fabric and against her stockinged thigh to finally land on the floor. Permalink: Leather Bound
  • As Kinky As You Wanna Be

    As Kinky As You Wanna Be

    BDSM. Kinky. Vanilla. Dominant. Submissive. Top. Bottom. Pain slut… These are words that get thrown around a lot, especially today, thanks to the increasing popularity of novels and films that explore the theme in myriad ways. But what do those words mean? And more importantly: what do they mean to you? Permalink: As Kinky As You Wanna Be
  • Geek Love

    Geek Love

    In the electric city of Akihabara, nothing has a taste. There are endless promises: girls dressed as maids offering tea and cream cakes, girls done up like cats offering bowls of flavored milk, girls plastic-wrapped and LED-eyed with lips like strawberries. Girls, girls. All delicious. All tasteless. ~"The Purpose of Tongues" Permalink: Geek Love
  • Bound by Lust

    Bound by Lust

    My fingers sang from holding me up, my pussy thumped with a fresh need for release, and when my husband pinched me once more I tossed my head back and cried out under the steady hiss of rain—coming hard. Surrendering.~"Reclaiming Spring" Permalink: Bound by Lust
  • Beneath Sea and Sky

    Beneath Sea and Sky

    Because if he believes, then maybe there really is something out there. Something wonderful and still undiscovered, tucked into that unknowable, unnamable place that lies between sea and sky.~"Beneath Sea and Sky" Permalink: Beneath Sea and Sky
  • Short Stories

    Short Stories

    All I want to do lately is fuck. Fuck and be fucked and then, finally, lie in our big wide bed with Raina on one side, Mad on the other. It’s like my biological clock is ringing overtime, only it’s not for having kids. It’s for having orgasms, for having the taste of skin in my mouth, for the feeling of being filled once, twice, three times more.~"Remember This" Permalink: Short Stories