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  • We are All Mad Here

    We are All Mad Here

    A book of madness, fairy tales, and mythic magic, filled with advice, creatures, adventures, and a whole new, ready-to-play setting.  Permalink: We are All Mad Here
  • Predation


    “Who decided it would be a good idea to equip a triceratops with a flame thrower? It’s like being chased by a twelve-ton active volcano with anger issues!” Permalink: Predation
  • No Thank You, Evil!

    No Thank You, Evil!

    Olivia is a Super Smart Princess who Experiments with Science. Rowan is a Cool Robot who Plays with Ooey Gooey Things. Their best friend tells them that a dragon has stolen all his chocolate coins. They’re the only ones who can enter Storia and save the chocolate—how will they do it? It’s all up to them! No Thank You, Evil! Permalink: No Thank You, Evil!
  • Monte Cook Games

    Monte Cook Games

    Monte Cook Games is all about revitalizing fan passion for RPGs through high-quality, innovative games that combine sweeping visions with premium art, storytelling, and design. Permalink: Monte Cook Games
  • The Strange

    The Strange

    Spore worms, venom troopers, fungal mimics, angiophages, free-roaming constructs from the Qined Singularity, glial storms, lurking Strangers, and other significant threats trouble anyone who leaves behind the relative safety of Harmonious, the Glistening City that lies at the core. The Strange Corebook Permalink: The Strange
  • Numenera


    This is how Hidden Naresh eats you alive: Enter from the West, that land of the Steadfast, where most is clean and kind and light, where there is some set of rule and law that can be grasped by even the simplest of minds. Leave behind the light, the law, the living. Enter the world of the dark, the destroyed, the dead. Numenera Corebook Permalink: Numenera
  • Other Gaming Work

    Other Gaming Work

    Can video games truly help to change the world? Not yet. Can they be used to educate? Absolutely. Unfortunately, developers tend to focus more on the message than the medium, allowing the quality of the experience to either falter or simply fizzle in the attempt. Even the best-intentioned games still have a huge obstacle to overcome if they want to change the world: Themselves. Permalink: Other Gaming Work