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  • Geek Love

    Geek Love

    In the electric city of Akihabara, nothing has a taste. There are endless promises: girls dressed as maids offering tea and cream cakes, girls done up like cats offering bowls of flavored milk, girls plastic-wrapped and LED-eyed with lips like strawberries. Girls, girls. All delicious. All tasteless. ~"The Purpose of Tongues" Permalink: Geek Love
  • Stories & Essays

    Stories & Essays

    She’s a fat girl. Everyone except her mother tells her she isn’t. But in the dark, when she takes off everything and unfolds the parts of her that get squished and tucked by clothes, the white bits of skin and what's underneath, Chloe knows exactly who and what she is. ~Big Red Permalink: Stories & Essays
  • Kicking It

    Kicking It

    The most successful crowdfunding campaigns we’ve seen seem to be based on a trifecta of elements: an amazing product, a well-run campaign, and a passionate creator. But what does each of those mean and how do you achieve them? That’s what Kicking It is all about. Permalink: Kicking It
  • Numenera


    This is how Hidden Naresh eats you alive: Enter from the West, that land of the Steadfast, where most is clean and kind and light, where there is some set of rule and law that can be grasped by even the simplest of minds. Leave behind the light, the law, the living. Enter the world of the dark, the destroyed, the dead. Numenera Corebook Permalink: Numenera
  • The Lure of Dangerous Women

    The Lure of Dangerous Women

    While the slinger sang, we waited. They don’t talk about that in the stories they tell – and someone, somewhere was going to be telling this story, although they wouldn’t tell it true. The fighting, the shooting, the magic-slinging – those are the easy parts. It’s the waiting that kills. ~"One-Woman Town" Permalink: The Lure of Dangerous Women
  • Poems


    A black widow tats doilies across
    my husband's eyes. Blind, he seeds
    marigolds in the kitchen cupboards,
    waters the plates and cups.
    ~In the Midst of Storms
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  • Bound by Lust

    Bound by Lust

    My fingers sang from holding me up, my pussy thumped with a fresh need for release, and when my husband pinched me once more I tossed my head back and cried out under the steady hiss of rain—coming hard. Surrendering.~"Reclaiming Spring" Permalink: Bound by Lust
  • Beneath Sea and Sky

    Beneath Sea and Sky

    Because if he believes, then maybe there really is something out there. Something wonderful and still undiscovered, tucked into that unknowable, unnamable place that lies between sea and sky.~"Beneath Sea and Sky" Permalink: Beneath Sea and Sky
  • Creative Projects

    Creative Projects

    Caramel sutra. Or if you prefer, the sprinkle of cinnamon and salt.
    I could build an igloo from the ice blocks sweating in the glass.
    Its curved roof would explain something about where I am from.
    ~Sweet Life
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  • Other Gaming Work

    Other Gaming Work

    Can video games truly help to change the world? Not yet. Can they be used to educate? Absolutely. Unfortunately, developers tend to focus more on the message than the medium, allowing the quality of the experience to either falter or simply fizzle in the attempt. Even the best-intentioned games still have a huge obstacle to overcome if they want to change the world: Themselves. Permalink: Other Gaming Work