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Beneath Sea and Sky

Beneath Sea and Sky

Erotic stories of fantasy.
Published by Papercut Press, 2011
Available at Amazon in ebook format

What Readers Say: 

“Six tales of magic and longing that are the best thing I’ve read of hers yet. As always, her characters and language are heart stopping, heart in your mouth beating, painful and beautiful to read. Her ideas and settings are so sharp and clear, and as usual she doesn’t stray from the difficult, the blood and gristle, she embraces it and makes it sing.”

“While those of us who believe in erotica as a serious literary endeavor may never fully succeed in winning over the skeptics; we might go a long way to further our cause by gifting them all copies of Beneath Sea and Sky. This collection of six short stories is a feast of sheer sensuous delight, as cleverly conceived and beautifully written as anything currently to be found in contemporary adult fiction.”