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Fantasy Short Stories

Short stories of fantasy, sci-fi, horror and spec fic
Published by Crossed Genres, Circlet Press and more
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What Readers Say: 

“I didn’t want to write about Shanna Germain’s story, Seed. Really, I didn’t. This story has the most repugnant of the many cruelties that prompt protagonists to subversive action in this collection of stories. But the thing is, Germain’s a terrific writer. Food, eroticism, cultural disjuncture, something a hair shy of femicide, the promise of revenge — it’s all in Seed and its all laid out with consummate skill.”

“Suffice to say these are stories to be savored, reflected upon and dreamed about, returned to again and again; and always with that same quickening delight of first discovery. Germain’s language is lithe and lyrical, prose ravished by poetry; dark fantasies turned on subtle lathes of light. Rare alchemy indeed; these tales are evocations of the elemental drawn from the most exquisite strata of quantum possibility.”