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The Lure of Dangerous Women

Stories of dark fantasy, sci-fi and horror.
Published by Wayzgoose Press, 2012
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble in both paperback and ebook

What Readers Say: 

“If David Lynch had directed Firefly, you might end up with something like this.”

“Maybe I wasn’t ready for all those unsettling, desperate, dark, and dangerous feelings The Lure… brings out. Honestly, one of the greatest things I’ve ever read.”

“Critics more jaded than I might complain that there’s nothing particularly revolutionary about this bending of myth and folklore through the well-worn prism of Jungian analysis. “Hasn’t this sort of thing been done to death?” they may sniff. To which I would reply most emphatically, “not quite like this; seldom with this level of originality, and certainly never so beautifully or with such purely entertaining results.”