Shanna Germain


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How do you say your first name?

My name is pronounced just like Shanna the She-Devil, which you can hear here.

Will you sign a book for me?

I am always happy to sign books for readers in person. I can also sign them via post if you’re willing to ship them to me and cover the cost of shipping them back. For some books, I have bookplates which I will happily sign and send off to you. Just email me at shanna [dot] germain [at] gmail [dot] com and we can work out the details. 

Will you read my manuscript/story/essay/game product?

I’m afraid the answer to this is almost always no, unless we’re working together in an official capacity. Mostly, this is due to lack of time, but it can also create difficult situations, such as if the book I’m already working on is similar to yours. I do occasionally have room in my schedule to take on new clients for editing or development passes, and sometimes offer feedback and review as part of my Patreon

Will you blurb my book?

Maybe? Again, it mostly comes down to my available time. But I also only blurb books that I really, really love, so if I do agree to consider your book please understand that I might choose not to blurb it in the end. It’s not in any way a comment on the quality of the book when that happens; it just means it wasn’t right for me.