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Tomorrow’s Bones

A science-fantasy novel set in the world of Numenera

About the Novel: 

Tomorrow’s Bones is a friendship, loyalty, and discovery set on the Ninth World’s ocean.

Captain Cire and her dedicated crew spend their days transporting orphaned and injured creatures across the sea aboard a living, opinionated ship called Nye. But when Cire uncovers an artifact that makes her question her friendships, her past, and even herself, it sets her on a dangerous voyage to a place she promised herself she’d never go: home.

In Kaparin, the man known only as Ebon has dedicated his life to protecting the orphaned children of his beloved city. When a friend from his past arrives on the city’s shores, bringing news of impending destruction, he finds himself caught between everything he loves and everything he fears.

If you’re a fan of living ships, kick-ass pirates, gay romance, tiny time travel, weird machines, and four-winged ka-drakes of death and candy kisses, then Tomorrow’s Bones is sure to delight.