Confusion, here I come!
Confusion, here I come!

Confusion, here I come!

Photo on 1-14-15 at 9.58 AM #a
What I look like (before coffee). So you can find me.

I’m a gaming guest of honor at Confusion this year, which means I’m heading off tomorrow morning for the very cold side of the country (if you wonder what very cold means in this context, it’s currently 13 degrees there. So that’s a lot of holy fucking brrrrs that are about to happen). There is an incredible array of talent at this convention — writers like Ted Chiang, Karen Lorde, Mary Robinette Kowal, Steven Erickson, Colin McComb, Cherie Priest, Myke Cole, and many more (someone else kindly made a full list, with links, so I will link that here).

Here is my schedule for the weekend, if you want to come and see me sounding like I know what I’m talking about.*

*Important note: I am shy and introverted, and there’s a good chance that if I have only met you online, I don’t actually know what you look like. So if you see me walking around not talking to you, it’s because I don’t recognize you; please don’t hesitate to come and say hello. That photo up top is what I typically look like, so you can find me. Only more awake (hopefully) and with some actual make up on and stuff so that I look like a grownup person.

**Important note 2: All of the above does NOT apply at the dessert reception. If are are between me and dessert, I can’t be responsible for your safety.


Friday 7:00 PM Michigan Opening Ceremonies
Friday 8:00 PM Great Room Dessert Reception
Friday 10:00 PM Southfield What Makes a Sex Scene Suck
Saturday 11:00 AM Rotunda Reading #7: Cook/Germain
Saturday 12:00 PM Michigan Numenera
Saturday 1:00 PM Huron So You Want to Make Games, Huh?
Saturday 3:00 PM Dearborn Are We Living in a Golden Age of Gaming?
Saturday 4:00 PM Erie, Huron, Ontario Autograph Session
Sunday 10:00:00 Model T Kaffeeklatsch with Shanna Germain & Monte Cook
Sunday 11:00 AM Southfield How to Kick your Start
Sunday 12:00 PM Southfield Monte Cook & Shanna Germain Interview
Sunday 1:00 PM Warren Post-Binary SF
Sunday 3:00 PM Michigan Closing Ceremonies



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