Day 14: The Poison Eater
Day 14: The Poison Eater

Day 14: The Poison Eater

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I locked myself in the coffee shop today for four hours and wrote a lot of words. I currently have 24,000 words. Probably half of those will be changed, cut, or expanded upon before I’m done with the first draft. I currently anticipate that the novel will be about 80,000 words.

Here are a few of those words, in very particular order:

Poison never lies.

But Tali does. Every time she takes the poison, she lies. False words are the only weapons she has left, and she wields them with precision, but not with pride. She tells the ormess that she sees danger in the woods, creatures in the clouds, something coming, something dark. Not too specific. Just enough menace. For those who are looking, those who believe, there is always a danger to be found outside Enthait’s walls.    

She would lie this time too. She had to.

In the small room that she’d come, over time, to think of as hers, Tali marked another circle on the wall with a small spray pen. Five silver circles. Five moons. Five poisonings. Five lies.




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