Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

I made this. You can have it.

Last week’s six impossible things:

  1. inXile, the company that is making the video game based on Numenera, presented a video of me talking a little bit about the setting of the Ninth World.
  2. We are giving away a print copy of Geek Love today! I hope we sell another 25 — 22 now — ebooks so that we can give away another one!
  3. I signed contracts for my story, “Enchanted,” which will appear in Charming, a fairy tale anthology from Circlet Press. “Enchanted” is a story of drugs, roses, stories, sex, cross-dressing, lust, pain and love. So, pretty much my usual fare.
  4. I fell in love with Don’t Starve. Good thing I only allow myself to play this game on the treadmill, or I’d never get any work done.
  5. Ann Friedman came up with the brilliant Disapproval Matrix.
  6. Read of the Week: Stoya’s blog. If you don’t know Stoya, she’s a smart, sexy, sassy, beautiful and brilliant porn star.

What impossible things did you believe in this week?

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.

P.S. Here’s an excerpt from “Enchanted”:

Full blown, full bloom, the color of blood, the color of lips and lovers in heat. Every petal a tongue, a whisper-kiss, a velvety brush of skin in the gloaming. Dipping his nose into its center, brushing his lips along the edges of the petals, he inhaled. The scent was heady and heated, skin and secret places sweating in the throes of passion. It smelled dirty and ripe. 

He should have known it was enchanted. No rose grew like that, perfect and sordid, pristine and soiled, without at least a little magic. Perfectly at its peak, ready to be plucked.
But he felt enchanted too—the night quiet as a forest, the garden he’d stumbled into, the secret opening of the rose, surely it all meant something magical and true—and so he bent and did just as the rose asked, using his hunting knife, severing the stem in a single, confident cut.

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