That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.
That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.

That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.

What writing looks like sometimes:

1. Get up, plan to think about the writing project while walking to the coffee shop, instead talk to dad on phone, help plan sister’s wedding.

2. Go to coffee shop. Plan to write. End up answering critical emails and dealing with scheduling snafus and warning off guy at table next to me who wants to talk.

3. Walk home, plan to think about writing project. Deal instead with having to hurry because someone is coming to install blinds and you forgot.

4. Listen to blinds behind installed. Plan to write. Deal instead with questions, issues, neighbor stopping by, two phone calls, and UPS which has yet again lost very important package but will not admit to losing very important package.

5. Plan to think about writing project while showering and on treadmill. Between shower and treadmill desk, discover that blinds were not done correctly, new person coming over to fix them. Noise. Screws. Questions. Ladders. “Can I have this room for a few minutes to fix this?” Do scheduling project that is due tomorrow since it requires less concentration than writing. Look at Numenera sketches that are coming in. Fall in love with them. Tell people so. Look at The Strange corebook layout. Fall in love with it. Provide more feedback for tweaks. Answer eleven million and one emails.

6. Do something pertaining to putting food near mouth while on phone with UPS. Who promises for fourth day in a row that package will arrive today… no, tomorrow. Clean kitchen in preparation for people coming over for tonight’s Numenera game.

7. Do something pertaining to running around the house waving tin foil and yelling “I am the Queen of Tin Foil!” (Seriously. I did that. I had the stress).

8. Write this blog post. Count words written on other things. Feel shocked at number. Wonder how that happened.

(Mary Robinette Kowal also talks about how you find the time to do the words that you need to do on her blog today. She has the smarts.)

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.

**Today’s title courtesy of Walt Whitman. But I bet you knew that. 

New Words:

2,500 gaming

Miles Walked This Year:


Words Written This Year:


My 42 Writing Projects This Year: 

6. The Bone Key (novel)

5. Love and Sex in the Ninth World (gaming)

4. The Ninth World Guidebook (gaming)

3. Numenera CO (gaming)

2. Izaltu’s Needle (gaming) 3,500/8,000

1. Kinky Rewrite (non-fiction book) 50,000/60,000


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