6 (Impossible) Things Before Breakfast
6 (Impossible) Things Before Breakfast

6 (Impossible) Things Before Breakfast


Our new rescue dog, Ampersand, in case you haven’t already met her.

It’s been a long time since I did this, but it feels like time to return to the positive. So here are this week’s impossible things:

  1. This short film blew me away: Abiogenesis by Richard Man
  2. Who Rescued Who? This amazing program pairs prisoners with dogs in need of training and rescue
  3. Why it’s important to be good to each other
  4. My current song obsession: Take Me to Church, by Hozier.
  5. I’ll be running Numenera online Sept. 27th. Come and watch. All are welcome.
  6. Bound by Lust is out in audiobook this week and As Kinky As You Wanna Be comes out soon!
  7. One extra today, because it’s been so long: I watched The Station Agent yesterday. What a beautiful movie.

What impossible things did you believe this week?

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.

One comment

  1. Michael

    My impossible thing? Thinking that I had escaped Dragoncon without contracting con crud. Instead, Thursday night I came down with the worst case ever – nose running like a faucet with a bad washer, coughing, sneezing, dual earaches, fever, the whole nine yards.

    I guess when you hold an escalator rail that 30,000 other people had their hands on that day your odds of escaping unscathed are not so good.

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