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Jan 2: In Which the Dog Knows What You’re Doing

posted on: January 2, 2015
in: Blog

Today’s Project: Codename Slugabed

Today in Writing: Got some concepting done on Slugabed, and a few hundred words down, most of which will go away on the rewrite (sometimes you can just tell). Mostly I’m struggling with this project. I just can’t find the voice, the sound of it, and that means it’s hard for me to catch my stride. I keep throwing everything out and starting over.

Today in Brain Food: Reading An Untamed State, by Roxanne Gay and rewatching True Detective

Today in Walking: 4.5 miles

Today in Everything Else: I like beginnings. But also middles. And really, really good endings.


Fiction words written this year: 0
Total words written this year: 200
Total miles this year: 4.5

Daily Ampersand:


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