Jan 3: In Which Things go Flomp
Jan 3: In Which Things go Flomp

Jan 3: In Which Things go Flomp

Today was a blister of a day. I mean, I got up early, the dog and I went for a walk/run, I managed to cross 90% of my to-do list off before 1pm, and then … flomp. The four things I had left on my list at 1 o’clock are still on my list as I write this at 10:30 pm. Oh well. Some days you just can’t do all the things. We did go see the new Hobbit, which I liked better than I expected, and sneaked the rewatching of another episode of True Detective in. Time for another hour of work if I can pull it off (my brain goes kaput after 10pm and dances around going, “Let’s play! Let’s read! Let’s eat M&Ms mixed with honey roasted peanuts!” so sometimes working at night isn’t an actual option.)

Today’s Project(s): Numenera Exclusive Boxed Set, Weird Discoveries, Tales from the Ninth World

Today in Writing: Mostly edited and reworked existing pieces. Nothing new, I’m sad to say. But I do have four days of pure fiction heaven coming up, and I plan to take full advantage of it.

Today in Walking: 4.7 miles

Today I Loved: No Rest for the Wicked and Sunless Sea


Fiction words written today: —
Fiction words written this year: —
Total words written this year: 400
Total distance this year: 9.2 miles


Daily Dog:


Photo on 1-3-15 at 6.37 PM #5

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