Normal towns don’t lure you back.
Normal towns don’t lure you back.

Normal towns don’t lure you back.

Doing the words in the new writing nook.
Doing the words in the new writing nook.

Hit the ground running this morning with a bunch of words on my long-abandoned novel, then eased into a thousand words on the next Numenera glimmer. Unfortunately, all of this writing doesn’t leave time for answering emails or dealing with the business side of things. And thus my to-do list tomorrow is a million miles long with things like: get passport photo taken, send bio and photo to cons, mail cookies, create agenda items for meeting, create my character’s new foci for The Strange playtest, answer all the emails, etc. How do people get things done and also accomplish the words? Someone please let me in on the secret.

Today’s Excerpt:

“You look like shit.” Gren’s voice in her head, a hive whine, a bad low buzz of things with stingers and a revenge agenda.

She shoots him a glare. Unnecessary of course. He can hear her head as well as she can hear his.

She wants to tell him to shut the fuck up. Wants to tell him that neon green isn’t a good color for a gargoyle. Wants to tell him to go crawl back into whatever brick-and-mortar ledge he came from and leave her be.

But they’re tied together, her and Gren. Bound. Not like the fun leather and ropes kind of bound. Like the mental forever until-something-do-you-part kind. The shitty kind.

Today’s Words:

1500 fiction, 1000 gaming.

Words Written This Year:


My 42 Writing Projects This Year: 

6. The Bone Key (novel)

5. Love and Sex in the Ninth World (gaming)

4. The Ninth World Guidebook (gaming)

3. Numenera Character Options (gaming)

2. Izaltu’s Needle (gaming) 3,500/8,000

1. Kinky Rewrite (non-fiction book) 46,000/60,000


Kiss kiss bang bang, s.

**Today’s title courtesy of Graveminder, by Melissa Marr. I’m about a third of the way through it, and finding it compelling in its mystery.

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