The diamond will be there tomorrow.
The diamond will be there tomorrow.

The diamond will be there tomorrow.

Numenera Creature Deck: Hot off the presses!
Numenera Creature Deck: Hot off the presses!

I painted the pantry today.

Now that is a sentence I never thought I’d write, except perhaps in fiction. But as a brand-new, first-time homeowner, I am doing the kinds of things one does when being a grownup-ish person. Things like flipping Comcast off through the phone. Trying to learn how to not kill myself when taking silverware out of the dishwasher. (Or for that matter, how to spell silverware). Figuring out which noise is just the ice maker and which is the new sink leaking all over the inside of the cupboard. And painting the pantry. Now the kitchen is the color of melting chocolate and the pantry is a lovely shade of blue-green (that, I just realized, looks a bit like the colors in the Numenera Creature Deck).

Today I painted the first draft of the pantry. Tomorrow is the revision, to fill in all those tiny things I missed the first time. Everything can be a metaphor for writing if you’re willing to look at it in the right light.

In other news: I appear to have started the hashtag #buttgate on the Internet. Totally by accident. You’re welcome.

Today’s Excerpt:

Does it breathe, this eminence, or does it just seem so, its sloped sides wavering in the fog and dust? Does it live, truly, beneath the years of silence and slavery, or does it just seem so, coming alive in children’s tales told in the dark of night? 

Today’s Words:

1,500 gaming.

Words Written This Year: 6,500/420,000

My 42 Writing Projects This Year: 

4. The Ninth World Guidebook

3. Numenera Character Options

2. Izaltu’s Needle (Numenera glimmer) 3,500/8,000

1. Kinky Rewrite (non-fiction book) 46,000/60,000

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.

**Today’s title courtesy of The Cormorant, a beautiful fucked-up book by Chuck Wendig. You should own it.

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