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Bound by Lust-WebsiteBound by Lust

Romantic stories of submission and sensuality.
Published by Cleis Press, 2012
Available at Amazon in ebook and paperback formats

What Readers Say: 

“This is one of the best erotic anthologies I have read in a long time, each story is of high quality and overflowing with love. Sexy and sweeet with lots and lots of heat, the perfect sensual read.”


“This book wasn’t just well written smut, it was a collection of finger-licking fabulous fables of lust bound up and presented to the reader.”


“This is a beautiful collection, possibly one of the best anthologies I have read! Yes I am aware that I often make such a claim but here it is due to the sheer beauty of the writing. Though, this should not come as a surprise when you note the quality of the writers who have made contributions.”