Welcome to the Ninth World
Welcome to the Ninth World

Welcome to the Ninth World

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The Numenera Corebook (unproofed, so don’t freak out if you see a typo or two).


Here it is: a hint of what the Numenera corebook is going to look like. Of course, this is not final, so things are likely to shift and change, but it gives you an overall feel for what we’re creating. Here’s a bit of a guide to what’s on the page:

  • Art: While this spread isn’t art-heavy compared to some others, it gives you an overall feel for how things look as a general rule. There is lots of beautiful color and black-and-white art in every chapter.
  • Symbols: Some of the symbols in the book have meanings in the Ninth World. For example, the icon above the chapter header is the symbol for the numenera (all of the cool and ancient technology in the game), thus it’s been adopted by the Aeon Priests as their symbol as well. Other symbols have meanings specifically for the players, usually to guide them to various charts and helpful illustrations.
  • Callouts: Most of the sections have a third column callout space. This is where we include cool things of all kinds. Sometimes they’re as simple as page references. Other times, they’re definitions, pronunciations or world-building information. Occasionally, they’re suggestions for the GM. And once in a while, you’ll find the voices of Ninth World characters, sharing their knowledge and experiences. 
  • Other Elements: There are lots of other elements to the book, depending on the Part and the Chapter. Charts, dungeons, maps and specially designed character creation sheets make it easy to learn and play the game and to run adventures, while detailed science tidbits and world notes allow for total immersion into the Ninth World.

The Numenera corebook is on pre-order just for a few more days. You can also pre-order a copy of the Player’s Guide. Soon, you’ll also be able to pick up a digital copy of the first anthology of Numenera fiction, Tales from the Ninth World. 

To say we’ve put our heart and soul into this game is kind of an understatement. Now we just can’t wait to put it into the hands of players who will love it as much as we do!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.



  1. Tristån

    absolutely stunning!

    I like the using the in-world iconography as out-of-game references. A brilliantly simple detail that easily adds to and reinforces player immersion into the setting. Brilliant!

    As a huge fan of Terry Pratchett and his seemingly boundless addiction to footnotes, I love the call out space. Another brilliantly simple way to toss in those references, sidebars, and almost a micro index; all right on the page without breaking cadence of the writing with (See Page:XX) in the midst of an otherwise flowing prose.

    Not a fan of the unjustified text. So many clean lines, simple, elegant design, the shifting right edge of the text almost feels disjointed and out of sync with the overall aesthetic… not sure if that makes sense… but in truth, if the only criticism I have is I don’t like the paragraph formatting style..c’mon.. this layout is a home run!

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