Writing a Novel: The Poison Eater
Writing a Novel: The Poison Eater

Writing a Novel: The Poison Eater

The Poison Eater Cover-2015-08-05

As you may (or may not) already know, I’m working on a new novel set in the science-fantasy world of Numenera. Called The Poison Eater, it’s going to be available as a beautiful hardbound, illustrated book (and in other formats as well) in late 2016.

For now, I’m hard at work on putting it all together. I’ve been posting some pictures and updates as I’ve been working on it, and wanted to gather it all together in a format that people could follow if they were interested.

There won’t be any spoilers, but there will be:

  • photos of the novel’s progress (art, maps, and journal entries)
  • blogs about the planning and writing of this novel (and novels in general)
  • some small bits about the characters, world, and more
  • very short excerpts
  • tips on writing, noveling, outlining, ordering art, promotion, and anything else that happens between now and publication
  • once the novel moves into the editing and publishing process, I’ll also talk about that.

My goal is to post something (almost) every day, even if it’s just a photo, so that you always have some glorious Numenera fiction goodness in your hands!

If you’re interested in learning how this novel (or, really, any novel) comes together, feel free to subscribe to this blog. Over on the right in the sidebar, you can subscribe to JUST posts that pertain to The Poison Eater, so you don’t get all the other stuff.

Let’s go on a novel adventure!

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