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Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

posted on: June 24, 2013
in: Rejoice

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 4.05.04 PM

My novel, Leather Bound, showed up in a cool place on Amazon UK! 

Last week’s six impossible things:

  1. The Numenera corebook went off to press. Holler. And breathe. And maybe celebrate. 
  2. We showed off the Numenera cover!
  3. I got some time off. I saw Man of Steel, read some books, played some RPGs and got killed in Don’t Starve.
  4. This essay in the Rumpus by Liz Prato made my lungs expand into breathlessness.
  5. This fucking dead-on beautiful piece by Amanda Palmer described my life and love in a way that no one ever has.
  6. I love you all. Thank you for everything you give to me, every day.

What impossible things did you believe in this week?

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.

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